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The Hornbills in Trade Database (HiTDB) is an open-source repository of data concerning the national and international commercial trade of hornbills. Beyond offering users an overview of the hornbill species and products in trade, it assesses the conservation impacts of such activities across the various taxa. The HiTDB is updated on a regular basis to ensure the most current and comprehensive dataset available.


Illegal and unsustainable commercial exploitation negatively impacts many bird species worldwide. In addition to population declines, trade may lead to species invasions, the spread of zoonotic disease and diminished local livelihoods. Although trade in songbirds and parrots is well-known, hornbills (Bucerotiformes) are an often-overlooked bird order. Hornbills and their derivatives are traded for a variety of purposes, including as pets, for their meat, and for use as ornaments and jewellery.

A better comprehension of the domestic and international hornbill trade is of great importance. It serves as a vital tool for raising awareness about conservation issues, guiding the development of effective policies and enforcement measures, and catalyzing initiatives aimed at safeguarding these remarkable birds. The primary aim of the HiTDB is to provide an accessible platform offering insight into our current understanding of the hornbill trade. Users can use the freely available data to identify areas where knowledge is lacking, inform conservation efforts and policy reforms, and actively contribute to a sustainable future for hornbills.


The HiTDB aggregates information from a diverse range of sources, encompassing peer-reviewed scientific literature, trade-related notes (both published and unpublished) contributed by experts in ornithology, aviculture, and conservation, expert opinions, and direct field observations made by members of the HiTDB Core Team. The HiTDB exclusively contains records of hornbill trade and their derivatives from 2006 onwards. For additional information and an overview of the HiTDB’s methodology, please refer to the metadata. The HiTDB is supervised by Simon Bruslund, Head of Conservation at Copenhagen Zoo, and hosted by the Monitor Conservation Research Society.



How to cite the HiTDB

When referencing the HiTDB in your work, please use the following suggested citations:

General citation: Bruslund, S. et al. (year). Hornbills in Trade Database (version 1.0). Monitor Conservation Research Society. Accessed on [date] at https://www.hitdb.org/.

Individual species citation: Bruslund, S. et al. (year). [species scientific name] in Hornbills in Trade Database (version 1.0). Monitor Conservation Research Society. Accessed on [date] at https://www.hitdb.org/.


Trade threat assessments in the HiTDB are executed by the HiTDB Core Team and are based on data gathered from the sources mentioned in the methodology and metadata. These assessments should be interpreted as expert opinion. 

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